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Heartily welcome to the "Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Center"

Sanjeevani Ayurveda und Yoga Center ... in Varkala, India, at the dreamy Malabar coast of Kerala, the chief medical officer Dr. T. Manoj and his therapists team are happy about your interest on the traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

As a modern Ayurvedic centre for holistic medicine, Yoga and advanced education, we offer therapy, treatment, massage and treatment under medical control and scientific guidance in the areas of cure and maintaining health, nutrition and meditation.

Chefarzt Dr. T. Manoj

The "Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Center" pursues the original Ayurvedic health methods of harmonious strengthening of body, mind and soul in unison with the original thousands of years old tradition of Ayurveda and in sympathy with the curing powers of the Ayurvedic plants.

Sanjeevani Ayurveda und Yoga Center With this website, we want to give you an insight view into our therapy areas and our institution. For further inquiries, we are always happy at your disposal.

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