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Sanjeevani Ayurveda MassageIn India the knowledge about curing and health protection has a 3,000 years old tradition. Ayurveda belongs to the oldest health systems of the humanity. This traditional curing knowledge forms the basis of the up to nine year lasting studies of medicine for the authorized Ayurvedic doctor, perfected continuously and refined scientifically.

For a long time the contemporary treatment of Ayurveda is the back bone of the modern Indian health system. So even in the western world Ayurveda finds more and more enthusiastic users.

Ayurveda - a 3000 years old cure culture

The worldwide success over all religious and cultural limits has a simple reason: Unlike the western medicine which sees the well-being approach in the fight against single illness symptoms the complete human being and the treatment of the cause is always in the centre of the Ayurveda. Healing success and health maintenance always build up on the preservation and restoration of the balance between body, soul and spirit. This is a well-being approach which by the way characterize the success of all large eastern health systems.

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