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Sanjeevani Therapists

Sanjeevani Team
The "Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Center" will carry out all Ayurvedic treatments, applications and massages by professional trained and well experienced female and male therapists. As a woman you certainly will be treated by one or more female therapists, as a man in accordance to that you will be attended by male therapists.
During your stay the chief medical officer Dr. T. Manoj and his team of cause will be at your disposal for all inquiries and wishes.

Dr. T. Manoj-Chief medical officer and founder Dr. T. Manoj
Chief medical officer and founder

"Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Center" in Varkala.
Ayurveda master / Ayurvedacharya, B.A.M.S.
"A" Class registered Medical Practitioner, Reg.No. 5882
Panchakarma specialist

The chief medical officer Dr. T. Manoj originates from a renowned family in which Ayurveda has a more than 400 years old tradition. He finished his degree in medical studies among others in the Govt. Ayurvedic College in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Reena Manoj-Head therapist Reena Manoj
Head therapist

of "Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Center" in Varkala.

Reena Manoj is a highly experienced Ayurvedic therapist and originates also from a distinguished family with a great Ayurvedic tradition. She studied in an Ayurveda college and she have a very good reputation.

Leena Mohan-Senior therapist Leena Mohan
Senior therapist
Reena Manojís sister

Leena is a highly experienced with a good reputation as a traditional family therapist.

Sindhu-Senior therapist Sindhu
Senior therapist

Sindhu is a very hard working and highly experienced therapist with a very good reputation.

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