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Dachterrasse des Sanjeevani Yoga Centers

Sanjeevani Yoga Center

Dr. T. Manoj The word Yoga is originated from the Indian Sanskrit word Yuga for yoke, and Yui for tie together and stretch. It imparts practical exercises to collect all physical and mental strengths. Yoga is a traditional Indian meditation technique, which collects and concentrates all the power of body, spirit and soul by assigned physical and mental exercises. Thus Yoga is the ideal basis and completion to the holistic Ayurveda medicine.

In addition to the classical Ayurveda treatments, the "Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Center" offers steady Yoga sessions on the shaded roof terrace of the centre.

Yoga Session mit Dr. T. ManojThe Yoga sessions are supporting the different Ayurveda treatments and are offering our guests some simple access to a new approach of life with a lot of tips for the everyday life. All the sessions and meditation exercises are done under the supervision of the chief medical officer Dr. T. Manoj.

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